We Don’t Want Your Home or Business Become Another Statistic!


Did you know..

34% Front Door – Many people are surprised at this statistic but yes, the majority of home break ins are usually committed by kicking in or forcing open the front door.

23% First Floor Windows – First floor windows are unfortunately number two on the list, and the shocking part is, many burglars gain access through unlocked windows!

22% Back Door – Back doors are kicked open less often than front doors. This is probably because the intruder has a little more privacy, (concealed by fences, shrubs, etc.) and therefore time to jimmy open your lock.

9% Garage – Ironically, some burglars will use your own tools to break into your house! Don’t forget to add protection for your garage, in the event you have an alarm installed.

6% Unlocked Entrances And Storage Areas – Don’t forget to lock all of your doors and windows, even if you are only expecting to be out for a few minutes!

4% Basement – This statistic is surprisingly low, probably because there are many areas in which homes do not have basements, Florida for example. So don’t neglect adding security protection for your basement!


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