Alarmed Houses Are More Secure!

Some competitors in the home alarm industry are quick to explain that an alarm system and monitoring is not foolproof. They are right. However, FBI crime statistics show, year after year, that alarmed houses are more secure than their non-alarmed counterparts are. Homes without alarms and monitoring are several times more likely to be burglarized.

The simple fact of the matter is that your house, if it is the only one of 20 on your street with an alarm system, will be the last on the list of potential targets. Burglars are not stupid; they will target the easiest houses first. Why make it easy for them by not protecting yourself with an alarm system?

How Thieves Know about Your System

If you are not familiar with home security systems you might be wondering how a thief knows a house is alarmed. The answer is quite simple. When Progressive Technology Security Systems installs an alarm and monitoring service, we also put signs in your yard at strategic locations. We follow that up by putting a sign or two in highly visible windows.

Burglars know the Progressive Technology Security Systems name, so they also know our signs warn of a legitimate security system and alarm monitoring. They are likely to pass by your house unless you have given them specific reason to want what is inside. Even at that, they need to get in and out in just a couple minutes, a task not easily done when a home is alarmed and monitored.

Safety Requires Proactivity

Though we have been focusing on burglary issues thus far, the idea of not waiting until something happens transcends the idea of burglary alone. A Progressive Technology system can also offer you protection against carbon monoxide poisoning, fire, and flood. Among the three, carbon monoxide poisoning is one you do not want to mess around with.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas capable of causing severe illness or death. It is present in all of our homes to a small degree, thanks to furnaces and water heaters, but if it builds to a certain level, it can be extremely dangerous.

By including carbon monoxide monitoring in your plan, you will be protecting yourself and your family from the potential of deadly carbon monoxide. Our system constantly measures air quality and alerts you if carbon monoxide is found above tolerable limits. That gives you time to clear your house before someone is seriously injured or killed.

The point of all this is to say that safety in the home requires proactivity. It requires homeowners to think ahead about the possibilities generated by certain circumstances, then come up with plans to deal with those circumstances. That is where a home alarm system comes in. By assessing the potential dangers in your home, Progressive Technology Security Systems can assist you with home security choices that make sense for you.

Do not wait for something tragic to happen before you consider alarming your house. Systems today are easily affordable, so there is no better time to protect your family and property from so many potential dangers.


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