Windows: A third of burglars get in through a window.

Doors: Two thirds of burglars gain entry through a door.

Fencing:The type of fencing, hedging or walls around a property can attract or deter thieves. A low or sagging fence, or a back gate with a weak lock could provide easy access. But a thorny hedge or trellising on walls could put burglars off.

Garages: It is important to make sure garages and sheds are secure as they may contain tools which actually help burglars gain entry to the main house. Ladders, for example, should be locked up. Valuable items, if not locked in a secure cupboard should also be visibly and permanently marked.

There are different types of security alarms available: audible-only alarm (which sets off a siren or bell) or a monitored alarm (connected to a central “listening” service). The police tend to respond to audible alarms only if there is confirmation of suspicious activity – such as reports of seeing something suspicious or a neighbor hearing glass being broken.

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